Review Policy

5 stars- An amazing read, rush to your local store and pick it up… Now!

4 stars- A great read, I recommend reading it, it’ll blow you away.

3 stars- An okay read, nothing worth getting excited about.

2 stars- Very poor read, needs major patching up in some places.

1 stars- Don’t even bother.


I am accepting ARC’s or review copies. Please note though before sending me anything, that I live in England.

My reviews are my complete honest opinion. That means if I did not like the book, then there will be a negative review. I do not, however, mean for my reviews to be harmful, I always do my best never to insult or hurt an author and their work. If I cannot review the book for some reason, I will contact you about it.

Please take note that I may not be able to finish and review within a limited time frame. Due to personal life, I can get pretty busy, but keep in mind that I will try my best to get through every book I read. If you do have a certain time in mind, then please alert me of this and I will let you know if this is possible. I will contact whomever request a review with a link directly to the review once it has been published.

I am more than happy to host an author for interviews or guest posts.

Genres I accept:




Most YA fiction


Historical Fiction


I do not accept:








I do prefer Hardback copies as opposed to E-books. But considering I live in England not everybody can send there, so I do accept E-books. I accept E-Pub or PDF. I also prefer reading series in order so if you would like me to review part of a series, please send me the first books in the series if necessary.

This contact form is for review requests or ARC’s only. All requests will be sent directly to my email, however this is not a way of contacting me otherwise. All non-requests will not be replied to.






Tell me what you think!

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