Thanks for the Trouble by Tommy Wallach



“I’ve got some questions for you. Was this story written about me?”

I shrugged.

“Yes or no?”

I shrugged again, finally earning a little scowl, which somehow made the girl even more pretty. It brought a bloom to her pale cheeks and made sharp shelves of her cheekbones.

“It’s very rude not to answer simple questions,” she said.

I gestured for my journal, but she still wouldn’t give it to me. So I took out my pen and wrote I can’t on my palm.

Then, in tiny letters below it, I finished the thought: Now don’t you feel like a jerk?

Parker Santé hasn’t spoken a word in five years. While his classmates plan for bright futures, he skips school to hang out in hotels, killing time by watching the guests. But when he meets a silver-haired girl named Zelda Toth, a girl who claims to be quite a bit older than she looks, he’ll discover there just might be a few things left worth living for.

A very long time ago I read We all Looked Up and I loved it, in fact I think that the review for it is buried in the archives of this long forgotten blog. When I saw this at my library I was shocked that I hadn’t even known that Mr. Wallach had written another back.
This book was so interesting and the first book I’ve read in many many months. The premise is very interesting and really intrigued me. Zelda and Parker were great characters. They both had a lot of depth and unresolved issues. I mean we readers all know that when people have deep unresolved issues it makes them better characters.
The writing was darkly satirical and humorous whilst still evoking a heck ton of emotion which is an A* for Mr. Tommy Wallach. I enjoyed watching the story s it evolved and both of the characters fell more and more in love.
The only bad point was that I felt it took too long to get to the end even though I didn’t want it to end. I felt that the problem which the whole story was about wasn’t coming fast enough. This book is really just a fairy tale and I guess that’s why everything seemed to beautifully finished but I really wanted a cliffhanger.
I give this beauty of a book 4/5 stars and highly recommend you  read it!
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I’m Back!!! (+ Book haul)

Hello! I’m back, and I’m so sorry I’ve been gone so long. Stress and other personal things brought me to a very low place and I finally feel well enough to start reading and writing reviews again. I have a ton of books to review and read so stay tuned!Welcome To Nowhere by Elizabeth Laird

What Light by Jay Asher

A Quiet Kind of Thunder by Sara Barnard

These books where sent to me by the lovely, very helpful people over at McMillan Books. 
Barefoot On The Wind by Zoë Marriott

The Last Beginning by Lauren James

Thank you to the adorable kind people over at Walker Books.
The Women in The Walls by Amy Lukavics

This one sounds super interesting, so thank you very much to Simon and Schuster for sending me this as a surprise!
Thank you very much for reading!

Chapter Excerpt from my story Don’t Be Afraid to Jump

This is the first chapter from one of the first stories I ever thought about seriously finishing. If you like it let me know and I’ll upload more, or you can read it all right now! Just click this link which will take you to my Wattpad Listing,


I’m Kaitlyn, a Jumper or otherwise known as a time traveller. You’d think being a time traveller I’d be able to change the course of events, I can’t, I’m forced to sit through events I could prevent. I’ve been to horrible events that haunt my dreams, 9/11, the JFK assassination among others. I’d never been through any personal events, but that was about to change.


I wake up to the sun slanting through the gaps in the blind, I’m tired but I roll out of bed and make my way to the kitchen. I put on the kettle and open all the curtains and blinds, the sunlight floods in and the skyline is set alight against the skyscrapers. I hum to myself as I make a drink, the warmth of the tea makes me happy and I sit near the window as I drink it. It’s beautiful outside, an explosion of colours placed against the towering skyscrapers. I pull on a sweatshirt, leggings and my worn to death trainers.

I make my way towards the elevator and ride down all 36 floors into the lobby. I nod towards the bellboy as I walk past him and out of the door. It’s so cold outside, my breath makes me look like an angry dragon. I pull my sweatshirt down and pull my hair back into a ponytail. I walk to the shop on the corner where two streets meet and walk in. I sling a basket over my arm and start to drift aimlessly around the shop. I put things in my basket, bread, milk and then the necessities like cakes and coffee. I go up to the counter and place my basket on it. The man hasn’t shaved, he’s covered in tattoos and his breath smells like he smokes 3 packs a day. “That’ll be £10.55.” He spits, how blunt, no please or customary hello, I wouldn’t want it anyway but manners are always nice. I place the coins on the counter, take my shopping and leave.

As, I come of out of the shop, I stumble, dizzy and disorientated. My head pounds and I feel like I can’t be breathe, like something’s sucked all the air out of me. I fall to the ground, slumped against the wall and brace myself, I’m about to Jump. It doesn’t come as quickly as usual, like it’s preparing itself and that’s when I begin to worry, what’s happening? Suddenly there it is, my body begins to fade, starting from my fingers and making its way up my arms, I look at the CCTV camera above me, how are people going to react to this? It looks as if I’m being erased with a rubber, or swallowed whole by an invisible force. I glance at the shopping next to me, damn, that’s ten pounds I’ll never get back. That’s when it happens I disappear.

I’m whirling around inside the time vortex, struggling to hold down my tea from this morning. However many times I Jump, I’ll never get used to the sensation of being pulled and shaped by time. I try to compose myself and stand up but I’m thrown back into the side of the vortex. That’s when I see the light and brace myself yet again. It then feels like only one part of my body is coming out of the vortex at a time and I feel like I’m being stretched in every way imaginable. I can hear a rough shout and look to the side of me as something crashes through the side of the time vortex. All of a sudden the thing, dressed in jeans crashes into me, and that’s all I see before I black out.


Everything hurts as I open my eyes and realise I’m looking into someone else’s. Somebody’s scarily blue eyes, as I focus I realise a boy is leaning over me and checking me over, he tugs at my arm, I shake him off and sit up. My hair tie has come out and my chestnut brown hair hangs loosely around my face. “Hi,” He says “Sam. Are you okay? That was quite a crash you had there.”

How would he know I crashed? Surely he couldn’t of seen me. As if he read my mind he points to the marking on my arm and pulls his sleeve up. A long mark appears up his arm, with similar ones going through it, these mark how many Jumps he’s been on. There’s too many to count, I don’t have that many. “You’re a Jumper?” I ask him, incredulously.

“Sure am, were obviously on the same Jump together.” He laughs.

“What’s so funny?” I cry.

“You have a face full of mud…” He smiles at me, flashing his crooked smile. He sees my face of disgust and fires me a sympathetic look.

“You know, I’m sure it looks great on you as opposed to your other looks, a face full of mud suits some people.”

“Shut up…” I mumble and I hit him in the chest, he stands back bewildered. That’s when I care to look around me and take in my surroundings. I look around, disbelieving, everything looks too familiar, Vera’s Newsagents on the corner, the Bellmont Nursery near the Park and the strange graffiti that I shouldn’t recognise. I stand up abruptly and run, I pound across the grass where I was as Sam runs after me, “Where are you going?” He calls, shouting over the wind that has started suddenly and is roaring through the street as if it’s holding me back. I push against it and tear through the streets of bemused onlookers.

That’s when I see Melissa, along with some people who I can’t place but am convinced I know. I feel like the wind has been knocked out of me. I crouch behind a bush, running my hands through the dirt, pulling out patches of grass. I can hear her voice, I can feel the heat of the fire searing my skin, her scared voice shouting “Kaitlyn, Kaitlyn!” as I watch her collapse, the smoke engulfing her, I run over to her, a dribble of blood has run down the side of her mouth, her auburn hair is spread out around her head. She’s so close I could touch her, she’s alive, real, breathing. Which can only mean one thing, I’m here on a Jump, and it’s a personal Tragedy. Sam puts his head round the bush, his blonde hair falling in front of his chunky black and grey glasses. He takes hold of my arm and stands me up, “Come on, let’s go.”

He leads me to a Café and we take a booth close to the back, hidden from site. The table is caked in grime and chewing gum lines the underside of the table. He picks up the newspaper that was discarded on the table, its pages strewn out. “What’s going on?” He, puts his arm around my shoulder. I brush his arm off and wipe the tears from my eyes.

“There’s going to be a “Tragedy” here, where I used to live, at my old school. All my friends are going to die and it’s where everyone thought I died. I’m supposed to watch it happen again.” I sob, letting the shakes take control of me.

“When’s it supposed to happen?” He asks as the coffee arrives, he sips on it tentatively. His blue eyes looking up at me in question. He runs his hands through his hair and waits for the answer.

I glance down at the newspaper and gasp in at the date. 16/12/16. It’s less than three weeks away. What am I supposed to do for three weeks? I can’t watch this, not again. I look up at Sam and sigh, “It’s less than three weeks away.”