The 5th Wave Movie Review






Release Date:

22 January 2016 (USA)

Also Known As:

The Fifth Wave

Filming Locations:

Macon, Georgia, USA

The Review:
Where do I start? To the end of the Earth, hands-down, The 5 wave is one of my favorite books in the entire world. This in some ways distorts my view of the movie because I’m so biased to how much I love the book.
When I found out that this was being made into a movie I squealed, I actually squealed. It was a very exciting day and I actually was following a countdown until it came out and was following all sorts of information that would fuel my excitement.
As it was about to be released at my cinema I would be really excited when I saw it on TV ads and other things like posters. My dad saw my buildup of excitement and surprised me with a trip to the cinema to see it and I was really pumped for the movie. I had not checked reviews as I didn’t want anything to dampen my mood. Sitting and waiting for the movie to start was painful, I was very impatiently waiting for the lights to dim. They dim and the movie rolls and I’m so excited for it to start. The book to screen adaptation was OK, that’s all it was.
The movie starts out strong and has the same interesting premise as the book. If you watched just the first half of the film you would realize that it is different from other cliched teen sci-fi films. The characters are interesting and it’s great to watch the different waves effect on the world. Especially the tsunami wave. I enjoyed watching the trip to the Army base and what went down there all though I’m sure it was different from the book. I even enjoyed watching Cassie trying to find her brother. I really enjoyed the Zombie parts of the film as they were my favorite parts of the book. Ringer was my favorite character and I enjoyed watching her dynamics fit in with the Squad.
From the moment that Cassie wakes up and meets Evan it goes so downhill not even demolishing the hill could fix it. It became a soppy teen love story where Cassie stopped depending on herself and only on Evan. She was always leaning on him to save her and then they end up doing it in a car. The battle scenes fall to pieces, the fx is terrible and it looks like a cheap, terribly produced film.
However I still enjoyed and do recommend it if you have nothing else to do.
3.5 stars out of 5

One thought on “The 5th Wave Movie Review

  1. Like you, I really loved the book so I decided not to see the movie. After reading your review, I’m glad I didn’t! Can’t wait for the final book of the trilogy, The Last Star, due out at the end of May.

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