Chapter Excerpt from my story Falconry Revenge

This is the Prologue and Chapter 1 from my story The Falconry Revenge. Leave a comment if you want another upload or if you want to read it right now, click this link.


I remember sitting there in black on that day, in the front row of mourners. Something began to fill me up, it felt dark and malicious. It rose up in me, I always thought of it as a crimson liquid, thick and oozing. No, not blood as it remarkably sounds, no, I hated blood. It was a preliminary sign of death for me. When it took over my lungs, it spilled out of me, until I looked like the devil, crimson overflowing out of my mouth like I was sick. It controlled my actions and governed my thoughts. It became a focus and an obsession of my life. I wanted it so badly, I wanted revenge.


I’ll start from the beginning, at the experiment, what happened and the start of the revenge.

Chapter 1
I was pretty much a normal teenager. I went to parties, I got good grades as well, I was popular enough. I hated trying to fit in with everyone, fighting for everyone’s attention. I was always in the shadow of my twin sister Lila. She was an overachiever, she did all the extra curricular activities she could possibly do and she was beautiful. She had long, flowing blonde hair and electric green eyes. Unlike me, I had long, mousy  brown hair and a duller green eyes. She was the most popular girl of our year, she went to all the parties that no one could get into without the price of popularity. Sometimes she would try to get me to come but I never wanted to. She would look at me with pleading eyes and say “Come on Maia, you’ll have fun I promise.”

My Mother loved Lila to the moon and back, always telling me, “Maia, why can’t you be more like Lila?” Most probably while taking some kind of cake or baked goods out of the oven that were most likely for a meet of some kind of Lila’s.

I was sitting at my desk, letting the music drift out of my headphones as I studied for a test for Monday. When I heard the phone ring, I just let it ring, waiting for someone else to get it. My Mother called up at me as she picked up the phone, “Why didn’t you pick up the phone?” I could hear her asking who it was, “Yes this is Mrs. Ford.” She took it into the living room and I couldn’t hear anymore.

When Lila got home from Model UN, she sat us down and told us what she had been told. We had been selected to perform in a social experiment called “Falconry”. They told us that it would get us into any school we wanted and that they’d pay us for our time. The prospect of that pleased our Mother and she had already said we’d accept.

The experiment was two weeks long and it was in Chicago. I remember packing everything I could possibly need, Ski pants? You got it. I even had a can of beans. On the Monday  we set off. Waving furiously at our mother out of my old banged-up Seat windows. We treated our journey as a road trip. We stopped off at interesting places, took pictures and bought mementos. When we had a little longer to go, she turned her head to me and put on a face of utmost seriousness. “What if there are any cute boys here and one of us falls in love?”

“At a social experiment? Yeah, okay.” I laugh.

“I mean another participant.” She says, furrowing her brow. “Do you know what? Your right, it’s stupid.”

“No, I was only joking.” I pat her on the arm, “I mean, anything could happen, right?”

“Right.” She mumbles and shuts her eyes, leaning against the cold glass of the window.

“Stop the car!” Lila cries a little while later.

“What? Why?” I ask worried.

“Just stop the damn car Maia!” She shouts at me.

I swerve into a lay-by  quickly, resulting in angry honks from the cars behind me. Lila unbuckles her belt, stumbles out of the car and doesn’t even make it to the bushes before she throws up unto the floor. She retches for about five minutes and makes her way back to the car. She gets in feebly and clicks her belt into place. I hand her a tissue, “You, Okay?”

“Yeah,” She says looking at her dirtied shoes, “It must have been the hotdogs from that street vendor.”

“Must’ve.” I mumble as she falls back asleep.


We get there around 6:30pm. Lila and I climb out of the car and go round to the boot, popping it open and pulling out our bags. I stood there, surveying the building. It loomed over our heads, it looked like an old factory with the humungous chimneys. The front of the building looks different, it’s a rectangular white, clean cut building stuck on the front of a Victorian horror story. A middle aged man in a grey lab coats comes out and throws up his arms. “Our final guests are here, I’m Jonathan, head of the Falconry Experiment here at Star Labs.” He led us into the lobby, that looks like the inside of a high end spa. Calming music is playing with birds in the background, there’s small fountains and rocks everywhere and everyone is wearing white. There were ten other teenagers in the lobby and he gave us a little while to talk amongst ourselves. I look at there name badges up close, Declan, Finn, Ezra, Oliver, Levi, Miles, Alice, Ivy, Hope and Niamh. Then me and Lila. Most of the boys were dying to get Lila’s attention. Ivy kept talking to me for a while but she wasn’t saying anything interesting so I zoned out and nodded at the appropriate times. Jonathan called out over the buzz of twelve teenagers, “Who wants to see their rooms?”

Jonathan led us to the girls room. Inside the bare white rooms were three identical white beds on either side of the room. The beds lifted up as storage and we put our things in the bed base. Everything was white, even our experiment clothes. “Tomorrow will be your first trial, so rest well.” Jonathan told us as he shut the door. About ten minutes after that the lights went off and the girls scrambled into their beds in the dark. I climbed under my bed clothes and tried to keep my eyes shut and sleep.


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