Read my Books!

Hello, again! So as an amateur writer I wanted to ask if you would lend some time to read my books? I write on Wattpad and desperately look for constructive criticism as up building comments. Here are all of my story synopsis’ and a quote.

Broken Fear


A day goes from bad to worse when a rebellion uprising threatens the villages. Isla tries to escape and find her family. Battling through fires, captors, explosions and death and sadness. She morphs from a farm girl to a soldier. How far would you go for your family?

The Falconry Revenge


There were 6 girls and 6 boys, selected to take part in a social experiment named Falconry. We were selected from the most prestigious schools, we had the highest grades and we where loved by all the teachers. We started with 12 and finished with 8, now I want revenge and I’ll stop at nothing to get it.

Let’s Never Grow Up


“Goodnight, Darling.” I open my eyes long enough to see him blow me a kiss and climb back out the window. Sleep well, Pan.

Peter and Wendy are inseparable. Together always, rarely seen apart. With un-confessed feelings Peter and Wendy fight through the struggles of every day life. School, love, separation and the absolute average life of a teenager.

This is the real story of Peter and Wendy.

Don’t be Afraid to Jump


Kaitlyn, is 17 and a “Jumper” or otherwise known as a time traveler. She “jumps” from event to event but can’t change the outcome because she’ll be sucked back into a time vortex and be trapped. She Jumps to a personal event, a “Tragedy”. One where she supposedly died because her body was never found. She falls in love with someone who is supposed to die in the “Tragedy.” and she can’t save him or can she?

Here’s my account link:
If you do read something of mine please tell me what you think 💕💕


Tell me what you think!

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