About the Blogger!

This is about me. Exclusively me. Not you I’m afraid but you know you can do this if you want.

So here we go 10 facts about me:
1. I own 183 books 🙌
2. I am fluent in geekery and fangirling
3. I love movies, my favourites are Inception, Interstellar, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and We Bought A Zoo.
4. I play piano, mostly Hans Summer compositions.
5. I’m a fan of Indie, Alternative Rock and Classical music.
6. I’m a writer and have almost finished my first novella, Broken Fear which you can find in Wattpad under the username, CaughtInABLUR.
7. My favourite genres are Sci-Fi, YA, and Historical.
8. My favourite books are The 5 Wave, My Heart and Other Holes, Ender’s Game and Holes.
9. My favourite bands and artists are Imagine Dragons, Sunset Sons, José Gonzáles and Fox Academy.
10. I love Photography and surprisingly Trigonometry!


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