Silence is Goldfish by Annabel Pitcher


How did I get it? It was sent to me by the lovely people of Indigo Fiction, so thank you 🙂


My name is Tess Turner – at least, that’s what I’ve always been told.

I have a voice but it isn’t mine. It used to say things so I’d fit in, to please my parents, to please my teachers. It used to tell the universe I was something I wasn’t. It lied.

It never occurred to me that everyone else was lying too. But the words that really hurt weren’t the lies: it was six hundred and seventeen words of truth that turned my world upside down.

Words scare me, the lies and the truth, so I decided to stop using them.

I am Pluto. Silent. Inaccessible. Billions of miles away from everything I thought I knew.

Tessie-T has never really felt she fitted in and after what she read that night on her father’s blog she knows for certain that she never will. How she deals with her discovery makes an entirely riveting, heart-breaking story told through Tess’s eyes as she tries to find her place in the world.

Review :


A nice witty relatable character
An intriguing dilemma/storyline that hooks you in
A surprising ending that left you feeling like you’d been punched in the stomach.
A quirky Goldfish that makes you laugh

Extremely long winded, the Story progressed really slowly
Sometimes you wanted to punch Tess in the face because she was so whiny and annoying, but then I guess we all are sometimes
The unsettling, creepy manipulative teacher who plagues your memory.
The too satisfying ending.

I give it 3 ¾ stars and do recommend it if you enjoy that sort of thing.

Thanks for reading!


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