End Game by Alan Gibbons


Bonjour! Third consecutive review! I’m on a roll!

How did I get it? The wonderful people at Indigo Fiction (division of Orion) So thank you πŸ˜‰


‘He was here again last night, the man with the dead eyes. He was in my room and in my head.’

There are not many things Nick Mallory knows for sure.

He knows there was a car crash. He knows he is in hospital. And he knows he feels furious with his father. What he doesn’t know is why.

As his memories start to return, Nick finds himself caught in a net of secrets and lies – where truth and perception collide and heroes and villains are not easy to tell apart.


This was my first ever Alan Gibbons read and I’m quite impressed. However I’ve read a review saying it’s not his best work so I’m exited to read Hate, apparently its really good.

The premise of this story really intrigued me and I was hooked from the first sentence. It was interesting to her all the thoughts and feeling inside of Nick’s head whilst he was in a coma. Especially when he was trying to piece all his memories back together. His voice was cynical and humorous even when he was deliberating life and living again.

I liked the flashbacks though it was hard to tell what tense he was using sometimes and you were unsure of whether they were flashbacks or not.

I liked his relationship with Maria and the fact that she stuck through him all that time and helped him. I liked the rocky relationship with his father and the way it was back and forth with the lies. His mother was lovely and his sister, always there and loving him, showing him everything from his childhood.

I really liked this book and give it 4/5 stars and really recommend you read this. ⭐⭐⭐⭐/⭐⭐⭐⭐


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