Top Ten Characters I’d like to check in with…

This is the second Top Ten Tuesday I think I’ve done in a while, if you want to read the last one click here and here. So here goes.

  1. Roman and Aysel from My Heart And Other Black Holes

I want to know what happened to them after the incident. Although I’m refraining from using spoilers, it’s hard to tell you why I need to find out so badly how they are. It upsets me that there might not even be a sequel or even jut a short novella, however it has been brought to be made into a movie.

2. Cody in I Was Here

How did she carry on with life after she found out what truly happened? I just want to sit down with her for coffee and just let her tell me, I feel like I need this information really badly. I mean how’s it going with Ben? Are you in lurrrve?

3. Craig in It’s Kind of A Funny Story

What was life like after coming out Sixth North Mental Hospital? Did he manage to deal with his depression? How’s it going with Noelle? Do you ever talk to Booby or Humble? How are your parents and little sister? Are you still friends with Aaron? Did you go to art school? I need answers!

4. America from The Selection series

No doubt the series has ended from her point of view but surely her story hasn’t ended? I hope we get to find out more about Maxon and America in The Heir.

5. Violet in All The Bright Places

I shouldn’t need to explain this one.

6. Amy and Roger from Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour

Why is this a standalone? Curse you Morgan Matson. You left the book on such an open note that I want to know how it ended and wanted answers to all the questions. What happened to Amy and Roger, do they ever see each other again? Her brother? Her dad? Argghhh!

7. Quentin in Paper Towns

What about after he found Margo? I beg you, Mr. Green, to release anything that gives us any sort of answer.

8. Daisy in How I live Now

Would you mind catching up Daisy?

9. Peter in The Divergent series

Now, I know his memory would be erased and everything but I’d love to see how he readjusted to life again and treated everyone. Is this too much to ask?

10. You tell me?

Who would you like to catch up with/ Are any on this list the same as yours? Tell me in the comments below —–>


17 thoughts on “Top Ten Characters I’d like to check in with…

  1. Great list! How could I have forgotten Aysel and Roman from My heart and other black holes?? I loved them. I would also love to check in with Violet from All the bright places.

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