Movie Review: Cinderella

Yoohoo! Thought I’d do something different today so here’s a movie review, which actually isn’t that different from my normal reviews 😉

What I liked:

  • The Villain-

I’m a sucker for a good villain and Cate Blanchette as the Evil Stepmother is perfect. Her outfits make her look even more evil than she looks anyway. She delivers a tone of diabolical evil that I don’t think anyone else could have acted even down to saying “Come, Lucipher!”

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  • The Cinematography-

The scenery was in no doubt amazing but the thing that added to it was the sweeping takes of the camera. There was an especially nice scene were someone dies (spoilers removed) and the camera pans above the bed. There was also one where Cinderella was standing on the balcony and it sweeps out from her until you can see the whole palace.

  • The Music-

There was an amazing score that added to most of the scenes, even when some of the scenes were badly acted. It was a mix of instruments but the ones that shone through were mostly the piano which is classic Disney, piano is fundamental to Disney movies.

  • The Evil Stepsisters-

Ha! They were hilarious, they were truly hilarious and were my favorite people in the movie.Daisy McSheera was particular excellent and it was funny watching the two sisters bicker and play.

  • The Prince-

Richard Madden plays a great prince, yet it’s not how I pictured him or his actions. I never thought he loved Cinderella that much upon first sight. However he was wonderfully acted and I couldn’t find fault in his intentions (my I sound like his father.)

What I didn’t like:

  • Lily James –

She was a horrible actress, horrible, horrible, horrible. She was overly dramatic and poorly acted, especially the bit where her dress gets ripped and she runs whilst letting out heaving sobs, then collapses dramatically on the floor in tears which I didn’t think was necessary. Also her delivery and apparent love for the Prince were way off, she didn’t have any chemistry with the Prince and it just made her awkward.

  • The Love-

Now, I know this is a fairytale, but the love story sucked. Nobody falls in love like that, within three days and then agrees to get married. That’s just not what happened, I really wanted less cliches and more unconventional love.

  • The Body Image-

I hate all the female actresses bodies, I know they were corsets but they’re not projecting a healthy body image at all. They have really small waists and that’s not something we want young girls wanting. They should learn to respect their own bodies and not want to be stick thin.

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It was pleasantly enjoyable and I’d recommend you watch it. I’d give it 3/5 Stars.


2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Cinderella

  1. I took my daughter to see it (who is 4) and we both loved it. I loved that it didn’t change much from the original Disney cartoon, and I loved that dress! I think Kate Blanchette was the best part of the movie!!

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