Wednesday Writes: G2G

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Hey everyone, this is the second week of my hosted meme, Wednesday Writes. Remember you’re always free to participate. This week’s writing is about technology and text talk with actual events. Hope you enjoy and remember to leave a comment telling me what you think, I would really love it 🙂


Everywhere I go there’s people on their phones,

thumbs swiping, eyes scanning.

There’s nothing meaningful there.

Where the injustices of the world are labelled with a LOL, the bullying, the suicides.

Where the dangerous pranks which entitle you to popularity, are passed off as YOLO,

risking everything on popularity, your life, your friends.

Where you can’t send that picture he wants because your PAW and then begging him PLZ for that picture back.

Where insecure relationships,

are filled with meaningless ❤ U’s and infinite X’s and O’s.

Where “Are you okay?” texts are reply with yes’ and :)’s

when in reality we are drowning,

suffering from the withdrawal of F2F talking and proper conversations.

Technology consuming us,

eating us whole,

numbing our brains to the harsh truth of reality,

and humanities role.

This is 2014,

a new generation,

it sucks,

and it’s great.

But now I’ve G2G.

Here is some music that fits the tone of the poem, it fits well:

Thanks for reading…


5 thoughts on “Wednesday Writes: G2G

  1. OMG! IKR? 😀 Impressive writing! My theory is to not waste time over people who can’t even type down the entire word to talk to me.

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