The Walled City by Ryan Graudin


Hello, how’s your chilly winter going? Mine’s good, I presently sit here writing this, notes spread in front of me and mint hot chocolate in hand. Books in a pile next to me and warm socks on… 🙂 I received this ARC from the publisher, to be honest I only picked it up because of the cover, the summary didn’t sound like my sort of thing but I gave it a try anyway, and I LOVED it!


This is the story of three people whose relationships intertwine in the Walled City of Hong Kong. Dai whose on the run, hiding from the Brotherhood, a ruthless gang of criminals, who traffic drugs and own brothels. Jin Ling, whose looking for her sister, passing herself as a boy, looking for her sister who was sold to a brothel. Mei Yee, trapped as a servant for the Brotherhood. All the relationships intertwine as they go about in The Walled City, trying to escape.

I loved this book, it was so fast paced and adrenaline fueled. The characters were good and thought out, they interlink and have chemistry, they all fit together in a weird sort of way. I thought that Dai would fall in love with Jin but I was disappointed that it was with Mei Yee instead. There was interesting back stories to the characters, especially Dai. It was good as it helps you resonate with the characters.

It did become a bit slow in the middle and I thought that 20-30 pages could have been edited out but then I think the story would be a bit crammed. I thought the second fight between Kuen and Jin didn’t need to be there.

I loved the ending and i thought it was a good, respectable way to finish the story. I especially liked the prologue, we got to see in depth, the personalities of the characters once they left The Walled City .

I like that it was an actual place, Ryan tried to keep it as close to reality as possible. The fiction in this book, is not that different from reality. There are communities big in drug trade and gangs and girls are being sold into the sex trade all the time, which is a big issue as most of the time the family members sell them for money.

I loved the chapter breakups with the countdown of days, I also like the pictures of the real Walled City in the back of the book. It was a lovely paperback/hardback, with a lovely smooth cover and smooth pages and beautiful typography.

My fave quote:

“Kids with roofs and hot food have better things to do than play survival of the thuggiest.”

I give this book 4.75 stars.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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