Wednesday Writes: Autumn Winds

This is a new meme I’m going to try to do every week hosted by me at The Sleepy BookNerd. Where I post an original piece of writing. Wanna join in? Just link up to this post, I’ll be really happy, if anyone wants to join in.

So the piece of writing I wrote for this week is entitled Autumn Winds and is a poem about walking through the park on an Autumn day.

Autumn Winds

The autumn leaves waltz aimlessly in the wind,

spiraling, descending, then hitting the ground with a silent thud.

The wind whips my my face, blowing my hair back with a powerful gust.

The sky is fading to a summery yellow, the clouds placed as if the sky were a painting.

My weathered boots sink in the mud, slowly as though the ground was swallowing me whole.

I watch the sun disappear behind the houses, a hazy glimmer outlining the rooftops.

I perch against a looming tree, until the sun lowers and the sky fades into a darkening blue,

the lampposts flash one, illuminating the paths of the park, a roadway to nature and freedom.

Behind me I hear whispers carried on he wind, they say the same thing over and over again,

“Go home…”

I feel a chill and pass the noises off as blowing leaves in the wind.

As the lights flicker on in the houses, I make my way back.

I open the door, the aromas of dinner, a roast, waft up my nose,

and the heat blasts against my face, spreading throughout my whole body like a fire.

I feel a sense of relief, “I’m home!” I call.

I brush my feet on the mat that says “Welcome.”,

and for once I feel like I am.

Here is a drawing to go with it:

receipt061 (2)

Please leave a comment and tell me what you think, I would really appreciate it… πŸ™‚

Words of the post:


(adj) The sound of the wind through the trees


(n) The way the Earth smells after it rains.



2 thoughts on “Wednesday Writes: Autumn Winds

  1. “clouds paced as if the sky were a painting”
    That is just about the perfect metaphor. πŸ™‚ Great stuff! Good day. πŸ™‚

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