Small Book Haul… And 100th Post!!! 🙌🙌

Hey everyone, thought I’d show you all the books I’ve bought in the past 2 months, which hasn’t been that many…

Books I’ve bought:

The Elites by Natasha Ngan (49p)
The Key to the Golden Firebird by Maureen Johnson (49p)
Peter Pan by J.M Barrie (£1.50)
Along for the ride by Sarah Dessen (£1.45)
Inkheart by Cornelia Funk (£1.00)
After Earth (Novelization of the movie) by Peter David (£1.25)
Star trek: Into Darkness (Novelization of the movie) by Alan Dean Foster (£1.45)









Now that looks like a lot of books, but in a different light I bought that many books for under the rrp of one book. I spent £7.63. That’s not too much. But now I’m on a book buying ban (which my parents have issued…) I am to part my money with things other than those of printed pages and beautiful covers. This feels extremely hard for me, as I have set it for a 4 months ban, I will not buy any books until at least March. I promise. However strong the urge is, no matter how beautiful it is or how cheap it is. I will not buy it, I’ll just order it from the library.

100th Post:

I’d like to thank all my followers, all 270 of them. And I hope to gain more as my blog progresses. I thank you for all 423 comments and over 700 likes. I can’t wait for more ARC’s and discover brilliant new authors that I’ve never heard of before. I love all my followers.




4 thoughts on “Small Book Haul… And 100th Post!!! 🙌🙌

  1. Congratulations on your 100th post!! What a great milestone 🙂 The books you got are all so gorgeous. I especially love the covers for Inkheart and Along For The Ride. I’ve contemplated a book buying ban before, but I need to work on my self-restraint first… 😛

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