Off Key by Mark Robertson


Hi, everybody. This is a book I received for review from the author himself and I’m very thankful that he chose me to review his book. Thank you Mark Robertson.


Charlotte has supported Kyle’s precarious musical career for three years. Now it’s her turn. When Kyle doesn’t want to play the breadwinner, she looks to a future on the other side of the Atlantic. Saxophonist Kyle has no money, no career and has now lost the love of his live. Can an autistic twelve-year-old boy and an alcoholic ‘has been’ be his salvation?


I don’t know much about Jazz so some of this book’s vocabulary was quite lost on me, but it was an interesting book nonetheless.

I liked the books writing it felt humorous yet serious, quirky yet a little cliched. It did make me look up quite a few of the songs listed in the book though, so I have a little knowledge now in the area of Jazz. It’s setting was also cool, as it was familiar, especially the part of the South Shields Market, as the Tyne and Wear county is one I’m familiar with.

The perspectives interchanged quite a lot and I would have liked some distinction at the start of the paragraph s. I also didn’t like how there were so many characters, like Kyle’s band mates, I just didn’t know who was talking most of the time.

I liked the characters personalities, how they were so conflicted and different, abstract perhaps (Well at least from each other…) I liked how the author could write male and female just as well as each other and could portray both genders well. I liked Craig and wished he had made more of an appearance.

I also loved the paper of the book, none of that weird rough paper, this was lovely, shiny, smooth paper and one that smelt good to.

I rate this book 3.5 stars and recommend it to anyone who loves music or jazz, or both!


Tell me what you think!

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