Discussion: Books vs. Ebooks

There’s always a debate about books vs. ebooks in the book blogger world, so I thought I’d share my opinion on it. Please beware, I’m not a great debater or great at arguing (actually that’s not true I could argue for England but I was just trying to be modest).

This post might be a bit biased because lately I’ve been favouring my E-reader. I read about five books on my E-reader because I’d been travelling a lot. Which is good because I have never really used that part of my tablet.

So here are my pros and cons for both sides:

E-reader pros:
.Shows your statistics eg. Reading hours, words per minute etc. etc. For those who like to keep track and possibly have a little OCD… 🙂
.You can highlight your favourite parts without damaging the book, good for people who like to keep track of their favourite parts.
.You can read the book without the same weight of the physical copy which is good for people who might be sick and frail, not being able to hold the book up.

E-reader cons:
.I love the smell of a buying a new book, flipping through the pages. The smell sets off something nostalgic, like reading your favourite book sitting by the beach or by a cosy fire whilst the rain falls on the windowsill outside.
.I love the excitement of walking into a bookshop and buying a book. Our brain explodes with endorphins and we walk out with the biggest smile on our face, eager until we can get home and read it.
.Some of the prices are way too high considering the author gets paid less royalty for an ebook but the retail price is the same as the actual book.

Physical book pros:
.There’s no feeling of walking into a beautiful bookshop and browsing the shelves waiting for a book to jump out at you. Picking it up, taking it to the checkout, handing them the money, watching them put it in a bag and then walking out with a brand new book.
.Books are a lot cheaper in charity shops, which is good because there are no ebook charity shops.
.The smell of the freshly printed book, the glue, the ink, the binding, the happiness…

Physical books cons:
.It can be heavy, if you carry more than two on you, in a bag or backpack.
.You always need a bag that fits your book in, which is really hard to find (We should pitch book sized bags to the fashion market).
.It’s so hard to choose in a bookshop because of the sheer multitude of books.
.You don’t always have enough money for all the books you want.

Some statistics:
.The seven novels of Jane Austen is $12.99 in paperback but free on the kindle version.
.Carbon emissions required to make 40-50 books = Carbon emissions used to make one E-reader.
.Once they own an E-reader, 15% of consumers say they stopped buying print books altogether.
.The average author royalty, per book $3.90, per download $2.12.


I haven’t come to a decision so I think that you should mix them up, sometimes book, sometimes E-reader. If there’s no space in your bag take your E-reader or your phone. If power will be an issue, take a book. E-readers are easier for people who don’t have enough time because they’re on the go a lot. If time is your problem, then audiobooks would be a better solution. E-readers can help if you get car sickness from reading .
However from the statistics, it looks better for physical books as they pay better author royalty, we like to pay them what they’re owed and deserve. It’s also better for the environment. But I say in the words of Friends “Mix it up a little!”

Thanks for reading! (And don’t forget to like… :))


11 thoughts on “Discussion: Books vs. Ebooks

  1. I agree about mixing it up! Ebooks are great because they are more portable, but there are times when I don’t want to stare at a screen any longer and am glad that I have an actual book instead.

  2. As a bookworm, whatever makes people read is good enough for me. However, personally, I still prefer to have physical books. I have an e-reader, but I find I only use it for fluffy books that don’t require much analyzing because I tend to flip back and forth through the pages if I’ve missed something – having to scroll through an ebook makes it harder to do! That being said, an e-reader was super handy for me when I went on vacation. It totally eliminated the painful process of having to choose which books to bring! So… I guess I’m just as inconclusive as you are 😉

  3. I uses to be a die hard physical book fan, but then I moved abroad for a year and I was never more grateful for my Kobo. I still much prefer reading a physical book – nothing beats that feeling – but I go back and forth between the two now and it’s great to have so many different options for reading mediums.

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