The Beautiful Blogger Award 👏👏👏


ello again little word nerds… I come bearing an award. When they call my name, I stand up, my long red dress flowing behind me as I take the stage. They place the award in my arms and I look out speechless at an audience who’s eyes are on me. I open my mouth and out flies a list of people who I weirdly thank. “I’d like to thank the cleaning lady who always says hello to me at school, that dog who pees on my door everyday and most of all my good friend the homeless guy on the high street who nicks bananas and tries to sell them to me.” The audience gasp and stare. Did I really just say that? I bow, come down from the stage, tripping as I get down from the bottom step and walk out the door to find somewhere to hide. I suck at awards.

I’d like to thank Nirvana’s Pocketful for nominating me for the Beautiful Blogger Award. I love her stories and her arts and crafts posts.

The Rules:
Copy the Beautiful Blogger Award logo.
Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them.
Nominate 7  other beautiful bloggers and say a little something about why you love their blog.

My Nominees:

1. The Musings of a Word Nerd: I love the Word Nerd. She always comes up with interesting blog posts when I can’t seem to. She’s funny, quirky and loves books, just like me!!!! Everybody go check her out and follow her.

2. Claudia Sparrowhawk: Living on borrowed days: One of the only people to carry on with my readathon, I very much appreciate her. I love her talk shows.

3. Typewritered
A new blog but a good one. Go follow her.

4. I prefer deep blues and sea foam greens
She is so inspiring despite everything she’s going through. *virtual cookies sent*

5. Thoughts from the spare room
I love her writing. Its so beautiful.

6. On the verge of existing.
She’s great, a real gem. Go follow her.

7. Camm in Book Land
I love her book reviews they’re so honest.

Thanks for reading.


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