My Summer with the Maverick Boys.

Heya everyone! This is an excerpt from my new story I’m writing called My Summer with The Maverick Boys. This is a teaser from Chapter 4. Its about a girl called Birdie who is sent to her dads work colleague after she crashes her Dads Porsche. She spends the summer with three brothers who all fall in love with her.

I wanted to give you a teaser from Chapter 4 and see how you liked it.

Birdie is 16
Zach Maverick is 18
And there’s the twin brothers Ellis and Kai who are 17. (Just wanted to let you know)

I can’t wake up despite Ellis’s failed attempts to shake me out of my sleep. When my eyes finally open properly I’m startled by how intently Ellis is staring at me. Is there something on my face? Am I having a wardrobe malfunction? I look down at my clothes, nothing is out of place, I am still wearing all my clothes. He snaps out of it and averts his gaze, blushing profusely. “Good morning Ellis.” I groan and check my phone for the time. It’s only 8:00 in the morning. “Ellis I am posing a very important philosophical question. Why are you waking me up at 8:00 in the morning and for what reasons?”
” I am waking you up Birdie, because this is when us Maverick boys wake up and because we’re taking you somewhere. ”
I let out a sigh and roll over on my bed. “Where?” I ask desperately. All I want to do is lay in bed.
“The Fence.” He replies.

I pull on a pair of shorts, a really small checkered shirt and my Vans. I walk down stairs, tugging at my clothes, I don’t think they look right. I hear the boys spoons drop. Are my shorts too short? As I turn I hear a gravely cough and an “Ahem!” From Zach. I swing round and shrug at him. “What?” I ask defensively putting my hands on my hips.
“Nothing!” He chuckles, “We thought you were trying to hide from us… Or escape.”
“Escape?” I sneer, “You live in the middle of nowhere, I wouldn’t get to the main road by the time it was dark without a car.”
“So I guess your stuck with us, so sad.” He mimics, wiping tears away from his face.
“I was actually wondering if I should change? Are these shorts are too short?” I turn to the side so they can see them better. Kai releases a loud wolf whistle at me. I turn in disgust. “Shut up Kai.” I shout. Zach smiles cheekily and gives me a thumbs up. “You have no problem in that area!” He smirks and gestures to my butt. I run over to swipe at him but he runs off out of the kitchen, a piece of toast in his mouth. I grab a bowl and some cornflakes and east, a wide smile spread across my face.

I push the door shut behind me. The boys run ahead but I linger back. Maybe these boys are serial killers? What if my father hired them to assassinate me? I’m just being silly now. I run to keep up with them. We turn left into a field of wheat, miles of it. The sun catches it making the wheat look like individual pieces of sun growing out of the ground. Sun rays of the soil. I close my eyes, the sun warning up my skin. When I open them again there’s no clouds in the sky, the blue stretching out to the corners of my vision. The boots spot for me to hurry up. “Where exactly are we going?” I shout back, squinting to see them amidst the wheat.
“Were almost there!” Kai cries, “Come on Birdie.”
We wander off to the side of the field towards a big electric fence. I listen closely for the him off the electricity pulsing through the fence’s wires, there isn’t a hum. “This is dangerous…” I mumble.
“No it’s not. See? It’s perfectly safe.” Zach replies pushing the fence with his foot. “See?” He outstretches a hand towards me and I grab it reluctantly. He hoists me over the fence, I brush the site off my clothes. “This is The Fence, it’s where we come most days. It’s our little secret, or Dad doesn’t know.” Ellis states.
“I can see that.”
“Come on!” Kai grabs my hands and pulls me forward.

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7 thoughts on “My Summer with the Maverick Boys.

  1. Don’t worry more to come soon but I won’t be able to post for a couple of days, I’m going to Newcastle to see my Nan. I have to be in the car for six hours, it sucks. But I’ll write some more for you.

      • How are you so sure that it’s chapter four then? …But dont worry, I’m wierd that way as well. >.< In fact, I usually write the end of the story before the start. It really helps to plot things out that way.
        Btw I'm loving the unique names!

      • Plus there are so many Jacks and Sarahs in the literary world. That way you can’t compare your character to some other character with the same name in some book 😀

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