Top Ten Tuesday- Top Ten Movies and TV Shows

As most of you already know, Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature run by the blog Broke And The Bookish. After watching around almost everyone in the blogging world do it, I decided to join as well! Anyway so this week’s theme is Top Ten Movies and TV Series. None of these are in particular order. I’ll post little snippets of my choices below them.

1. Brooklyn Nine Nine.

I love this show (or do I really just love Andy Samberg?) It’s a comedy and a drama and pure awesomeness. It features a group of people working at 99th Precinct in Brooklyn, who are all misfits but work really well together.

2. The Book Thief.

This movie…. I don’t know how to describe it. I won’t give anything away so go check out my book review for it.

3. America’s Next Top Model.

I know, I know… I can’t help liking it. I will always support tall, freckly brunettes like myself. Brunettes rule the world.

5. How I Met Your Mother.

Barny and Robin. Where did you go wrong? This was such a great series, I know the whole concept was great and how we secretly always wonder who the mother is, but the ending… Arggh, makes me want to rip my hair out. Why did it end the way it did? I’m so confused and lost, please redo the last episode.

6. Friends.

My real best friends are Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, Joey, Rachel and Ross. They make me laugh, they make me cry, they make me gasp and they make me appreciate life.

7. Pitch Perfect.

I love this movie!!! Music, boy-girl rivalry, romance and misfits. This movie was a recipe for awesomeness.

8.Peter Pan (2003)

Oh, Jeremy Sumpter. Why did you make Peter Pan more irresistible? I was fine with the cartoon version but you made Peter awesome, you made him more like the teenage boy he was.

9. Blue Bloods.

I love the crime, drama, suspense and the regular family meals together.

10. Ender’s Game

I absolutely adore Ender… That’s all i have to say about it.


6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday- Top Ten Movies and TV Shows

    • Deeply, deeply shocked… Why would you watch a series about finding out who the mother is, just so she is killed off and he ends up with Robin? It was all so pointless… Me and that show had had some good times together.

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