My Literary Dinner Party.

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This is post that I copied the idea from my good friend The Musings Of A Word Nerd. (Go check her out) What I have done is created a fictional dinner party and invited all my favorite fictional characters. Hope you like it!  

I stand by the door greeting my guests as they come in. “Hello, Peter.” I smile at him, in return he glares at me with his startling green eyes and adjusts his tie. Will and Christina arrive next, linked arms. Will in a smart Tuxedo and Christina in a jaw dropping, floor length, sequined gown. Ender arrives after them, chin held high and his sister Valentine slinking behind him engulfed in his shadow. Valentine’s eyes dart around the room finally meeting mine and staying there. I smile warmly at her. “Hi, you’re table is just over there.” Her body becomes more alert and she pulls Ender towards the table. Many more people walk through the door but Rudy Steiner is the last to arrive. Looking slightly rushed and bedraggled, he smiles at me and rushes to sit down.

When everyone is finally seated, Peeta brings out plates and sets them down on people’s tables. As the smells waft up our noses people start to buzz, I can feel the electricity floating above my head. I smile, this is going really well. People murmur about how good the food is in between mouthfuls. An ear-splitting crash pierces the air. I glance over startled, a glass has been smashed underneath  Bellamy’s chair. Bellamy turns toward Peter, “What did you do that for?” he spits. The whole room falls silent, but I can hear Gus and Hazel sniggering in the background. Peter drops his fork on the table. “I didn’t do it for anything, you shouldn’t have left it there!” Bellamy lunges at Peter. Peter raises a fist, I hear the crunch as his fist connects with Bellamy’s jaw. They both let out disgruntled shouts. I can her Newt calling for a fight, then everyone begins shouting it. “FIGHT! FIGHT!”. They stand up and continue fighting. Why? Why tonight? Tonight of all nights. I jump in between them and two of the waiters pull them apart. I fix my dress, clean up the glass and sit them at different tables.

Dinner resumes again. When we make it to desert. Elizabeth Bennet looks up, puts her nose in the air in disgust. “What’s that smell?” Suddenly there a scream, one I can only place to Hugo Cabret’s. “Fire!” He shouts bursting out of the door, clouds of black smoke follow him. Everybody jumps out of their seats and runs around. Young Bruno in his striped pajamas runs forward and puts the fire out with a bucket of water. He smiles and sits back down. I open the windows to air the place out and all the people who remain coughing sit back down, Halfheartedly finishing their deserts.

Everybody finishes their deserts, moves over to the lounge chairs and congregates. A girl who I can only think is Marianne Dashwood begins to play the piano, her fingers dancing across the keys. I grab a microphone and make my way towards the audience. “Hello, everyone.” I say wearily, “I was going to show you flame throwers for entertainment but I’ve ruled that out since the fire incident.” I smile and there are a few shaky laughs from the audience. I start to speak into the microphone but it has stopped working. The lights go out, one by one. Could anything else go wrong? As if on cue, somebody squeals and falls over. I hear somebody mutter in German. I go find the candles from the near by table and light one. Only to see that the person who had fallen over was Leisel Meminger and that she had in fact sprained her ankle. I shout to everyone to grab a candle, light it and proceed to dancing. Once all the candles have been lit, couples and singles making their way to the dance floor. I listen to the mellow music, humming along and watching people dance. I want to dance, not by myself though. Ender walks up to me, “Do you want to dance?” He asks blushing. Ender stands before me waiting for a reply. He tells me his sister had found someone to dance and he hadn’t. He points over to his sister who is happily dancing with Peter. Peter?  I agree and we all dance along for hours. Some people begin to leave, one after the other. I flop down on the chair, that was stressful, fun but stressful. What a great dinner party.  

What did you think? How many different people from books can you find? List them below!


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