My Life Through Song <3

Hello, I’m doing this after I saw The Geeky Book Snob do it.

The drill is as follows:

  • Copy these instructions, including the categories below and paste them in your post.
  • List the title of the song and the artist after each category and embed the music video (if there isn’t a music video for it then find a video of the song with lyrics – if there still isn’t one, then a link to the song in any form will do – we wanna hear the song!).
  • Tag your post with My Life Through Song
  • Pingback this blog post so I can see all your song choices – I wanna hear the story of your life! .  And, if you don’t use WordPress then leave a comment with the url to your blog post)
  • This part is optional – you can describe why you chose this song in a short paragraph OR you can just let the song speak for itself and leave it to the imagination of your audience.

Here are the 6 categories of songs:

The Getting to Know You Song:  This song starts off your movie. It is the song that introduces you to your audience; maybe as a child or as an adult pondering life, your choice.  Where the movie of your life starts is up to you.

The Love Song:  You know this one. You fell in love, maybe with a person, a place or an animal.  Love is love and this song makes you feel it!

The Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy Song:  You are joy personified.  Everything is as it should be and all is beautiful with the world. If spontaneous dancing and singing were to happen as you walked down the street, it would be this moment.

The Rock Bottom Song:  Um, happiness can only last so long right?  We’ve all been there, that moment where, just when you think you can’t get any lower, you do.  Is the whole world against you?

Poignant Song: This is a time of reflection in your movie.  You’ve hit rock bottom right?  Well now, take a walk in that light rain, look up at the sky and reflect…..this is the moment that your life changes.

The Rocky Balboa Song:  You’ve made it through your darkest hour!  Will power kicks in so pick yourself up and dust off the past! You can do it! You can make it! This is the song you turn up the volume on.  YEAH!  Fist pump that air – you deserve it!

The Let the Credits Roll Song:  Though life keeps on going when the movie stops an actual movie does come to an end and with it, the concluding song. At this moment we are content, we are at peace or maybe we’re still struggling yet, we’ve accepted it.  Either way, we are ready to welcome life and all the challenges that come with it.  The end.


The Getting To Know You Song:

I love this song, minus the video it is about starting something new. Sunrises, sunsets and a gorgeous Tom Fletcher. I know my friend, I prefer deep blues and sea foam greens who absolutely adores McFly and Tom Fletcher.

The Love Song:

This song just makes me melt, it’s so beautiful… It’s like warm chocolate. Louis Armstong’s gravelly voice and the lovely vintage sound is a delightful combination.

The Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy Song:

The Rock Bottom Song:

I’ll let this one speak for itself.

Poignant Song:

Reflecting on destruction, pulling through the wreck and brushing myself off.

The Rocky Balboa Song:

This song just feel good about yourself, it feels and sound happy.

The Let the Credits Roll Song:

It has such a unique sound, it is unique, just like me.


Thanks for reading and which song did you like?




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