The Illusion Of Stars: Chapter 2

Hello again, there wasn’t input on the last chapter so I decided to post another chapter anyway. Have any name suggestions? Chapter 1

I walk into the bedroom chambers, the five bunk beds either side of the room. When for girls one for boys. I see everyone picking bunks and laughing with each other. I see the girl, I had seen in the training room. Her long black curls fall in front of her face and her beautiful blue eyes. Come on Perrin, you can attempt normal conversation with a girl your age. I slide up to her, “Is this bunk taken? She stops what she’s doing and glares at me. “Does it look taken?”
“No, I just wanted to ask in ca…”
“Then you can have it, I don’t care anyway” She turns back to what she was doing. I throw my bag onto my bed. Are we supposed to get changed in here? Just then a woman comes in, she stands statuesque, a clipboard hugged to her stomach. “Ladies, would you like to come with me to get dressed? You will need formal day clothes.” Formal day clothes? This was training school not a dinner party. I got out my dress anyway. It was a nice plain blue frock, with pleats at the waist. I slipped on my shoes and filed out with the others. We got dressed in the ladies toilets and changing rooms. My bunk mate Flora is wearing a green dress, it flows with her as she moves. She looks so amazing that I can’t help but feel like I look like the ugly duckling. As we make our way towards the dinner hall we see the boys file in at the door next to us. I see Xander and the boy from the Training Room Shay lined up together laughing and punching each other. Sargent Cypher sees them and orders a hundred push ups on the floor. They go red with embarrassment as Sargent forces them to floor and makes them count every push up that they do. When they are finished Sargent Cypher orders them to the back of the line and we are moved into the dinner hall. We move up the dinner line, where Insignia and Sceptre are already being served. Xander and Shay have made us last and now our dinners are cold. As I get to the line, I see all the exotic dishes laid out. Indian, Chinese, Thai, Portuguese. I grab my dinner and go sit by myself at a bench. My dinner smells amazing. The spices of the curry waft up my nose, the heat radiates off of it and warms my face. Before I eat I look up. Everyone has someone sitting with them, well of course except me. As if he read my mind Xander walks past me Shay next to him and Flora hanging on his arm. He stops when he sees me. “Well if it isn’t Perrin, Miss Stuck-up herself” He smirks at me.
“Goodbye, Xander. Hope somebody punches you in the face on the way out, it’ll wipe that smirk off your face” I crack back at him.
“Ouch, hand me some aloe vera Shay, I think I was just burned. Well played Miss. Perrin. Man, you look lonely,” He sighs. “We can help you with that.” He gestures to his little Posse who in return thank him with groans and whimpers.
“She looks like a killjoy Xander” Flora moans.
“Yeah, come on Xander let’s go” Shay chimes. “There’s so many places to go explore without permission, we don’t need a killjoy”
Xander shrugs and smiles.
“It’s okay who’d want to hang out with a bunch of no brained losers like you anyway?” I retort. His friends pull him away but his eyes won’t leave my hurt face until he’s out the door. Shay, pops his head round the door then laughs, he can see I’m still bothered by their absence.

After dinner it’s recreation time, before training in the morning. I decide to go the recreation room, it’s filled to the brim with teenagers. There is a ceiling high bookshelf packed with books. Bean bags in the middle of the room and wall size computer screens along the other walls. Teenagers were slumped on the bean bags with glasses on. They look like the same glasses we used in the Training Room. They’re basically staring at a blank wall if they weren’t wearing the glasses. I see a girl with nice ginger hair and a friendly smile so I go up to her. “Hi” I say sheepishly, she turns round and smiles. I relax at seeing the smile on her face. “I’m Perrin”
“I’m Kalita” She says easily.
“Nice to meet you, would you like to play a game with me” I gesture towards the game on the wall.
She laughs “Yeah, why not.”

We must have played at least every game in the recreation room, we go get milkshakes at the dinner hall then we end up on my bunk laughing and talking. Kalita was nice sometimes a little cocky but I guess that’s just how everyone saw me. We fall back on the bunk exhausted. Xander and Flora strut into the room. Where’s Shay? Flora scowls at me. “What are you looking at Perrin” She says every letter of my name as if it was something she would scrape off her shoe.
“Just how much you’re face reminds me of a cow’s udder, your pimples stand out like teats!” I stated and smile. She gasps, covers her face and storms off to her bunk. Xander stands there awkwardly, “We got caught trying to get into the control room.” He says “We have to do one hundred push ups tomorrow in front of the whole Training School including the dinner staff”
“Where’s Shay?” I query, Xander opens his mouth to speak but Shay walks in as if on queue. He eyeballs me. “Why are you talking to it?”
“Were past this already.” I grumble.
Kalita shifts off the bed. “I should go now.” she says. “Bye Perrin, I’ll see you tomorrow. You can find me in the Sceptre Squadron.” She slinks out of the room and down the hallway. I’m left standing there, my arms crossed, Xander and Shay by the door and Flora on the bunk above me. There are other teenagers spread about the room but all eyes on us. An alarm flashes and a Woman says, “Light’s Out” The lights turn off and everyone stands in the dark room for a minute and then scrambles to get dressed. When everyone crawls into bed, our little bed lamps go on. I need the sleep so I turn mine off. Come on Perrin. Tomorrow you can show them what you’ve got.



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