The Illusion Of Stars: Chapter 1

Hiya BookNerds! This a story I’m writing, it’s not a short story it’s a series of chapters. So tell me if you like it and I’ll post another chapter. It’s about a girl who wants to  create colonies but has to go to Training School first. When her friend goes missing she has to question her Squadron Leaders on what they really want from them and travel to Xolea to find her friend. I also don’t have a title so if you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them.


Perrin                                          Xander

Chapter 1

I shuffle around in my seat. I’m surprisingly uncomfortable in this chair. As I look up I see a well built young man in a Sargent uniform. “Welcome young soldiers!” he booms “I am Sargent Cypher and I run the Rouge Squadron” He salutes. As the other men come out on stage. There’s an old man who he addresses as Sargent Talon. Sargent Talon lifts his willowy arm up and salutes. The other man must be in his 40’s, he is tanned and built like an ox. His name is Sargent Holt. He salutes and they all separate on the stage. “One of us is your Squadron leader” he says his voice echoing around the large hall. The box next to me turns towards me. “I’m Xander” I ignore him, I’m trying to listen. After repeating himself a few times I turn round “What do you want?” I ask him rather rudely.
“I’m trying to be nice but I don’t think you are, so I’ll just try my luck with someone else…” He snaps and turns to talk to a boy next to him. “Look, I’m sorry this is a really big day for me, I have been waiting to go to Training School for ages and all I want to do is concentrate.” He turns round and I realise how amazingly gorgeous he is in a weird way. His blonde hair flops over his face, his eyes are a startling sea green although masked by his chunky black glasses and he has a lopsided smile that frames his face. He smiles at me as we hear Sargent Cypher say “Now we will divide the hall into three!” he motions to the side I’m on, “You are the Rouge Squadron” everyone lets out a great big whoop. “Silence!” He shouts his tone very heated. He motions to the middle of the hall as the Sceptre Squadron and the right side of the hall as the Insignia Squadron. “Let’s meet your Squadron leaders”

Rouge Squadron is assigned Sargent Cypher, Insignia assigned Sargent Holt and Sceptre assigned Sargent Talon. I stand next Xander as we are led towards a room, we are separated into lanes, four of them. Xander and me are in one lane and some people called Flora and Shay are in the next one. Sargent Cypher shuts the door behind us. We are given glasses and I put them on carefully. My brain whirs as I hear female voice count down from ten. As she gets down to five, I whisper to Xander “What do we do?”
“I don’t know…” he sounds equally as shocked that we are being forced into these lanes with some woman counting down from ten. Where we supposed to run? The woman’s voice echoes around the room, the room has high ceilings and white walls with coloured light strips running along the wall.
“Three, Two,One!” the woman says. Me and Xander begin running forward. Suddenly the walls change it begins to look like we are running through a forest. I can hear a half gurgling half roar, I can hear people in the next lane scream. What’s the matter? What can’t I see? I’m analyzing the situation when Xander stops in his tracks. I run smack into him, he puts a finger to his lips. I obviously don’t listen, “What?” I shout. Suddenly I see it, an Alien, a rounded head, slime dripping of it’s body. “Don’t move…” Xander squeaks
“I don’t plan on doing it any time soon, Xander”
“Oh, just shut up, cut the snobbishness, Perrin”
“Whatever.” I say sarcastically.
Suddenly the alien attacks and I rush to pick up a stick to hit it with. It swipes at my face and I fall to the ground. As I fall my glasses come off and I can see that it’s the same room, the glasses altered what we were seeing in our brain. There’s someone in the middle of the room wearing all black carrying a laser gun. “You’re out” he says. I can hear Xander shouting for me then I feel him shake me. He truly thinks that I’m dead. The man in the middle of the room waves his arms about I can see that in the game he is attacking Xander. Xander falls to the floor and the man says that he is out. Sargent Cypher comes up to us, his boots making the floor vibrate. “Welcome” he says “That was you’re first training game, you are officially a member of Training School.
When he leaves I slump back to the floor relieved.


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