Craft Idea! TBR Jar


Hello again fellow BookNerds . I have been doing some crafting today. I have made a TBR Jar filled with pieces paper that have the names of all my To Be Read books in it. Its really easy to make. Hope you have fun making it! 😁😁😁

All you need are:
Paper (Coloured or patterned preferably)
A jar
Decorations (if wanted)

1. Take the liberty of going through all the books you haven’t read (Yes I know there’s loads!) And right them all down on paper.
2. Cut the names out and fold them up and pop them in the jar.
3. Now decorate your jar how you like.

It’s so simple to make and helps you cut down on your TBR shelf. I love this because I made it look cute and vintagey, so it looks adorable on my shelf. Hope you have fun making it too!
Thank you for reading,
The Sleepy BookNerd x


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