Insurgent by Veronica Roth



Wow with a capital W. Wow one of the best second out of third trilogy books I have read in a long time. You could maybe say it was better than it’s predecessor Divergent (Catching Fire is also great) An even more fast paced, action packed, thrilling book. Does Veronica Roth get better as she goes along?, well I’ll answer that…. Oh Yes she DOES. She took a completely unique concept and made it even more amazing in the second book.

Tris has survived the attack on her family’s home and her family. She now faces gut-wrenching guilt. An evil leader, Jenean ( I may have spelt that wrong) Matthews, is trying to kill off Divergent’s and especially Tris and Tobias. But the people left from the destroyed factions are out to kill Jenean and reset the factions. As she tries to except her new future, but she uncovers more about her world, she must be stronger than ever because more shocking choices and sacrifices lay ahead.

Such a great book especially when… Oh wait no spoilers. Such a shocking story line, with explosive twists. Possibly I’m even more madly in love with Tobias|Four and Christina. It doesn’t seem like a second book, it could easily be a first book in the series because everything is all re-explained in the book. An amazing book.

Fave Quote:
” Cruelty does not make a person dishonest, the same way that bravery does not make a person kind”

Thank you for reading!

“Let me guess? You have a great personality…” – The Emperor’s New Groove


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