Speeches, how to make a good one and examples of a good one.

Churchill said he wrote his speechs as pslams. He used metaphors,  powerful imagery and ryhymn.

How to create a Speech.

What do you want people to know?
What do you want them to hear?
What do you want them to come away with when your finished?

Arisotle the greek philosopher came up with Rehotircal phrases of speech and question.

Logos- Logical. A follows B follows C.
Ethos- Trust. Do I really believe this person and what they are saying?
Pathos- Emotion, how I feel about these things, why they matter to me?
Those three make a great speech.


Colonel Tim Collins from the Irish regiment gave speech in March 2003, he gave a speech about going into war with Iraq. He told them to be feriocous in battle but unanimous in death.

He used three points of aristotles oratry
Logos- Explaining what would happen to them in battle.
Ethos-  Appealing to them as comrades and colleagues and friends trying to get them on side and gain their trust.
Pathos – Symbols the use of imagery, trying to elicit an emotional response, a call to bravery and patriotism and decency.

Best man speeches are probably the only speech a normal man will ever do. No matter what is said it can be forgotten in a haze of champagne bubbles. But politcs and people in the public eye are not the same. Any word that comes out of there mouth can ruin their image and can be a life or death situation in their social standings.

Victorian politcians, like Gladstone and Disreali were great orators, they used tatics from Shakespeare and The Bible and parcticed vigourously the skills of Rehtoric.

More helpful terms

Anaphora- When you repeat phrases for effect.
Preaterito- Saying you wont talk about but in effect shouting it from the roof top.
The rule of three. Eg. Friends, Romans. Countrymen. Lend me your ears!


Enoch powell did not go for a pee before even if he was desperate because it gave him a sense of urgency.
Most great orators were speaking on behalf of people without a voice. Like Martin Luther King Jr or Ghandi.

Emmeline pankhurst was a suffragette. Emmeline Pankhurst was an incredibly moving, powerful speaker. Her speeches galvanised hundreds of thousands of women. Made them feel they had a right to fight and that their voice could be heard.

Enoch powells inflammatry language riled up the country. He likened immagrants coming over to england as lighting a fire in a funeral pyre. A letter to Powell was made from a white pensioner in Wolverhampton saying “Windows are broken, excreta pushed through her letter box.When she goes out she is followed by children, charmjng, wide – grinned picannines. They don’t speak English but the one word they know. “Racialist!” they chant.” Powell told the press that this is what their whute children would become and that the ” black will have us under the whip!”

These quotes riled up the country and was offensive to many people. It split thee nation in half and caused great riots.  In this speech he uses or misues poetry to make his point.

Sometimes vulgar language helps bring awareness or a point but the language should still not be used.

More helpful tips and pointers.

When? When will you stage your speech?
How? How will you stage your speech?
Where? Where will you stage your speech?
Dont try to hit peticular things in your speech. Improvise if you have too.

Pitch, pace and power. Three elements to a speech

Pace. Don’t go through the speech speaking at the pace. If you have something urgent to say say it urgently.
Pitch. Pitch more than volume make sure what comes out of your mouth is backed with breath.
Power. Don’t be afraid to say what you want.


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