Emerald Star By Jacqueline Wilson


Emerald Star is the third Hetty feather book. This heart warming story is about Hetty’s search for a happy ending.


After her mother dies she decided to search for her father. She searches town to city for her father but when she finds him is Monksby, she is not wanted.

After her childhood sweetheart writes to tell her about her foster fathers death, Hetty decides to go to his funeral. But when she gets there none of her foster sisters remember her. She feels extremely disappointed.


After the funeral she is left to look after her mother who was ill and cannot move or speak. She makes a dear friend who helps her out. Jem loved Hetty with all his heart and plans to marry her when she is old enough. However Hetty thinks she not happy ther


One day the great Tanglefeild travelling circus come to town to preform. She decides to get a talent and join the circus. Will she find a talent and join the circus or does she decide to stay with mother and Jem?


I like this book because it was sad, exciting and happy. It was a great book.


I would recommend this book for nine years to eleven years.



Tell me what you think!

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